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An easy to follow, step by step online course to help you build rock solid skills in Automobile Technology.

Master Automobile Step by Step is a well structured, 100% self paced online training program thru Whatsapp to make you learn the most important automobile concepts first and then take you to more advanced practice*

You don't need to have a degree in Mechanical Engineering to understand working of Automobiles! This course is all about learning the working of cars right from basics. The course will take you on a journey in which you will learn about automobiles piece by piece. We will take the most common automobile - A Car and then understand its working by taking different parts of it, analyzing it closely and then comprehending how different parts work together enabling the vehicle to move from one point to another smoothly. The online course will be mostly in form of youtube video lectures, where you will understand different components of automobile by using diagrams or animation. For very complicated diagrams, It will be including images and pdfs so that your understanding can become concrete. At the end of the online course, you will have a strong understanding of what happens inside the car and how different components work together in making a car ride comfortable, while moving from one place to another.

Why Autoinstitute

  • Autoinstitute - an award winning institution working towards transforming textbook geniuses into productive engineers.
  • Associated with industry and partnership with organizations transforming engineering education (Mahindra,Tata Motors,Maruti Suzuki,Royal Enfield,Bajaj Auto,Hero Honda,Hyundai,Honda...)
  • Our courses are officially a aligned with ASDC ( Automotive Skill Development Council).
  • Experience of training 1000+ students across 27 states in India..
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Course Overview

PART 1 – Automobile Foundation Theory

The most important topics and concepts that will create the foundation of your learning their mechanism of transmission systems and its applications. ... Different types of fuels are burnt inside the cylinder at higher temperature to get the transmission motion in the vehicles.

  • Module 1 : Basic of Automobile: History and Classification
  • Module 2 : Components of Automobile
  • Module 3 : Working and Classification of Engine
  • Module 4 : Lubrication & Fuel System
  • Module 5 : Cooling System
  • Module 6 : Diesel Engines
  • Module 7 : Clutch & Gearbox
  • Module 8 : Final Drive and Differential
  • Module 9 : Rear Axle Assembly
  • Module 10 : Wheels and Tyres
  • Module 11 : Steering System
  • Module 12 : Braking System
  • Module 13 : Battery & Charging System
  • Module 14 : Ignition & Starting system

PART 2 – Automobile Practical Advanced

Hands on Session on latest Car and Bike. Assemble and Dismantle IC Engine, DIY and complete servicing of Cars and Bikes and lots of different components of vehicle 100% practically by visiting to our nearest centres*.

In Part 2 you will learn automobile engineering practically. You will be provided with the tools and our Engineers will give you the knowledge to develop your automobile knowledge from scratch. You’ll also spend a majority of time in exploring an IC Engine in addition to the hands-on experience in servicing your car or bike.

With this training program, you have the opportunity to develop practical automobile engineering skills. Here’s what you’ll learn by hands-on sessions:

  • Learn by Doing with 7-8 hour sessions each day
  • Mechanisms involved in today’s automobile
  • Working of internal IC Engine components
  • How transmission, suspension and other car systems work
  • How car electrical and electronics works.
  • How to do basic servicing of your car and bikes
  • Solve case studies and interact with Autoinstitute experts
  • Basic Components of a Motor Cycle
  • Advanced Ignition, Braking and Exhaust systems
  • Advanced topics on Turbo and Nitro charged Engines
  • Component and structure of Chassis, Handling and steering system
  • Advanced topics on Engine Control Unit, Sensors, and Actuators etc

PART 1-How it will Work

  • Every week about 2 to 3 hours of youtube videos link containing content will be released along with an assignment based at weekend. Please watch the lectures, follow the course regularly and submit all assignments and assessments before the due date. Your regular participation is vital for learning and doing well in the course. This will be done on week on week basis through the duration of the course.Kindly do the assignments yourself and even if you take help, kindly try to learn from it. These assignments will help you prepare for the exams.
  • The Whatsapp group – will have messages from the course instructors and teaching assistants- regarding lessons, assignments etc. If you have any questions in regards to lectures can be posted and will be answer shortly by our team of expert faculty.
  • Access to 30+ Advance Automobile Ebooks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • The online course comes with 30 Day Money back guarantee

Requirements & Course Fee

  • Just take the course with a fresh mind - like a child willing to explore something new and deep.
  • Basic understanding of the terms like force, pressure, velocity, acceleration etc, will be helpful, though not compulsory.
  • Basic Smartphone with Internet Pack and Whatsapp installed

Course Fee : INR 500/-

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Part 2 - Practical How it will Work

  • 3 Days 8hrs Hands on Practical Workshop at our State of Art training centres in Mumbai
  • Access of all tools required during workshop
  • Age Limit - Participants must be 16 years of age.

Course Fee : INR 4000/-*(Without Accomodation)

Course Fee : INR 10,000/-* (With Accomodation 3Days)

*Course Fee include Safety Gears,Training Material,Lunch,High Tea and Basic Tools

Pay Online

Event Gallery

  • Students ATV Ranked 6th in Virtual Round - National ATV Championship.

  • Students projects showcase at Pune Auto Expo 2016.

  • Students projects showcase at Maker Mela 2017.

  • Students projects showcase at Autocar Performance Show 2017.

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